Czech Republic
Sarka Jelinkova
Political secretary
Miriam Kolarova

Sdruzeni zen KDU-CSL 

Women&association of the Christian and Democratic Union& Czechoslovak People's Party

Address: Palac Charitas, Karlovo nam.5, 12801  Praha2

Chairwoman : Sarka Jelinkova

Tel: 00420 226 205 111 or 00420 605 971 376
Fax: 00420 226 205 100
E-mail: info@kdu.cz

Website : http://zeny.kdu.cz

About EPP Women

EPP Women (European’s People Party) is an official association dedicated to the advancement of women in the European Union. The association consists of members of likeminded European parties and is led by its president, Ms. Doris Pack. The association forms a unified front to fight for equality between men and women in the treaty of Lisbon.