• EPP Political Assembly 5 September 2023

Holding Generations Together in an Ageing Society

BRIDGE THE GAP: Our Social Agenda for All Europeans

  • EPP Political Assembly 18 November 2022

Resolution “Gender Equality in Green and Digital Future”

  • EPP Women Autumn Academy Cluj, Romania, 14&15 October 2022

Statement on Russia’s ongoing military attacks on Ukraine

  • EPP Political Assembly 1 February 2021

Resolution “The Future of Europe: Lessons to be learned from the Corona Crisis” 

  • EPP Congress Zagreb 20-21 November 2019

Resolution “Female Visions for a better Europe” 

  • EPP Political Assembly 4-5 February 2019

​Resolution “Women’s role in the Digital Transformation of our economy and our society”

  • CONGRESS Berlin 9-10 November 2017​​

Resolution “Democracy Quo Vadis”

Resolution “Violence against Women”


Resolution ‘Migration and Immigration : Impact on women’

  • CONGRESS MUNICH 30 October 2015​

Resolution on Refugee and Asylum Policy

Resolution Flüchtlings – und Asylpolitik

  • CONGRESS ZAGREB 10 October 2014​

Resolution ‘How women are renewing labour market patterns’

  •  12 and 13 November 2013​

Resolution ‘The Arab Spring: the role of Women’

  •  CONGRESS WARSAW 4 October 2013, resolution “Women and Entrepreneurship”

Resolution ‘Women and Entrepreneurship

  • Congress-Malaga-07 October 2011 

Resolution Malaga

  • 4th EWA Congress The Hague 8 October

Resolution The Hague 2010