Annette Widmann-Mauz MdB
VIce president
Christine Schneider MdEP
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The CDU Women’s Union is one of the biggest associations of the

Christian Democratic Union. CDU Women’s Union has 102.000 members.

The empowerment of women for politics and the enforcement of

women’s political topics are the key activities.


Frauen Union der CDU Deutschlands


Klingelhöferstrasse 8, 10785 Berlin

Tel: 0049 30 220 70 452/453

Fax: 0049 30 220 70 439



About EPP Women

EPP Women (European’s People Party) is an official association dedicated to the advancement of women in the European Union. The association consists of members of likeminded European parties and is led by its president, Ms. Rozália Biró. The association forms a unified front to fight for equality between men and women in the treaty of Lisbon.