Mariya Gabriel

Political party

Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign Affairs Minister of Bulgaria

The inclusion and participation of women in the peace negotiation processes as well as in the decision-making bodies in developing countries offer more opportunities for the consolidation of democracy in the world.

Women's rights belong to human rights which are strongly defended by the EU. Women's rights should be fully respected and no tradition, culture or religion should be accepted as justification for violation of these rights.

To promote women's rights, we need to combat gender stereotyping which continues to be at the root of violence against women. We need to promote change and make boys and men the strongest defenders of women\'s rights and gender equality.

About EPP Women

EPP Women (European’s People Party) is an official association dedicated to the advancement of women in the European Union. The association consists of members of likeminded European parties and is led by its president, Ms. Rozália Biró. The association forms a unified front to fight for equality between men and women in the treaty of Lisbon.