EPP Women Congress and General Board

The EPP Women held its electoral Congress and General Board in Ljubljana, Slovenia between 23-24 November 2018 upon invitation of the women organisations of SDS, SLS and NSi.

The focus of the Congress entitled “Women First” was on female empowerment in decision making in both business and politics. Sharing experience but also concrete proposals on how to achieve more equality were delivered by Dr. Juliane Bogner-Strauß, Federal Minister for Women, Families and Youth of Austria who newly became the President of ÖVP Women.

One of the most powerful tool agreed upon was the necessity of involving more women in the digital sector, to encourage more ICT women experts and to persuade young female graduates to choose for STEM studies by using the tools and projects - the bottom up approach- created by the European Commission. Mariya Gabriel, the Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society stressed that local level projects were essential in order to achieve positive results.

The General Board decided therefore to adopt the resolution on “Women’s Role in the Digital Transformation of our Economy and our Society”

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Finally, the election of the EPP Women President, 6 Vice-Presidents, Treasurer took place.

The new EPPW Presiency for the term 2018-2021:

President: Dr.h.c. Doris Pack

Secretary General: Hillie van de Streek


Vice Presidents in the elected order:

Mariya Gabriel (EU Commissioner GERB Bulgaria)

Dubravka Šuica (MEP HDZ, Croatia)

Rozália Biró (Senator RMDSZ, Romania)

Laura de Esteban (former MEP PP, Spain)

Maria Syrengela (President of ND Women, Greece) and

Agnieszka Pomaska (Deputy of Sejm PO, Poland)


Treasurer: Ria Oomen-Ruijten (CDA, The Netherlands)

Budget Controllers: Maria Rauch Kallat and Corinna Zehler

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