EPP Women at the EPP Congress Malta 29 & 30 March 2017

The EPP Women participated at the EPP Congress in Malta with almost 2000 participants. The EPP Women President Doris Pack also took part in a stage debate on the ‘Future of Work in Europe’ with EUCDW President Elmar Brok, YEPP President Konstantinos Kyranakis, and SME Europe President Bendt Bendtsen.

The EPP Congress adopted resolutions on the following topics:

* Smart farming: Bringing safe food, sustainable land management and jobs to rural areas

* The future of European trade: Traditional values in tomorrow’s economy

* Inclusive Growth — Everyone Must Benefit

* Societal Challenges in Times of Digitalisation

* Russian disinformation undermining Western democracy

* Libya

* Fighting corruption: Our duty to preserve Freedom and Democracy

* Preventing illegal migration to Europe

* Cuba and the case of Dr Eduardo Cardet

* In Response to Genocide: Relief and Autonomy for Victims in Northern Iraq

* Innovative entrepreneurship

* Towards a Pillar of Social Rights – Income Fairness and Social Justice at Work

* Security and Defence

* Western Balkans

* Cyprus negotiation talks

* On the Long-Term Support Plan for Ukraine

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