EPP Women’s Autumn Academy, Nice, 29-30 September 2017

Leading women from EU and non-EU member organisations met at the EPP Women’s Autumn Academy in Nice at a conference entitled “Democracy, Quo Vadis?" More than 40 leading women exchanged their views on the recent democratic developments, election results and populistic tendencies in various both European and non-European countries.

Among the speakers was University of Utrecht Professor of European Political History Dr Liesbeth van de Grift, who gave lectures entitled “What is the essence of democracy?” and “The backgrounds of the current democratic legitimacy crisis in Europe”.

In addition, Greek political correspondent for Mega Channel Alexia Tasouli analysed, from a journalist’s perspective, the current democratic developments and election results in different European countries.

Finally, a young and dynamic politician enacting reforms within the party structures of the CDU, Diana Kinnert, shared her views on the root causes of populism and stressed the necessity of political engagement by the younger generation.

Is populism a threat to democracy, or rather a natural phenomenon? Should we use it as a wake-up call to improve our existing structures and ways of handling issues? Through an extensive reflexion on the root causes and breeding grounds of populism, the EPP Women’s Autumn Academy explored possible responses to the populistic trends across Europe.


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