Events 2008

01 January 2008 at 00:00

The EPPW, led by its President Doris Pack, MEP, has the following aims: to defend and promote the interests of women and their participation within the parties, society and the EU; to promote and organize activities at the European level; and to ensure a permanent cooperation between the EPPW member organisations. 

In 2008 the EPPW organized two main events expressing these aims. From 16 to 20 July 2008 a Summer Academy for leading political women from the EPP parties was organized. Nearly 50 women from high-ranking national political positions took part in it. The initiative was taken because of the upcoming European Elections of 2009. The aim of the Summer Academy was to make our leading women aware of the importance of taking part in politics, stressing the role of women by strengthening our knowledge and exchanging viewpoints. The Summer Academy took part on Mallorca, on the invitation of Francisca Bennassar Tous, former EPPW Vice-President and Mayor of Mallorca. 

In October 2008 the EPPW organized the 3rd so called ‘EWA Congress’ in Berlin. The EWA is the umbrella organization of the EPPW and the European Union of Women that is a Europe wide non-governmental women’s organisation with UN accreditation. The EWA thus is the linking pin between the largest political and non-governmental women’s organisations on the center-right spectre of Europe. 

The issue of the 3rd EWA Congress was ‘The role of women in the integration of migrants into our societies’. This issue is on the political agenda in several large EU-countries. Moreover, integration and migration belong to the key-issues of the EPP in the European Election campaign of 2009. Prof.dr Maria Böhmer hosted the Congress. She is President of the CDU-Women and Minister of State on Integration in the Coalition Government in Germany, led byAngela Merkel. 

The Congress adopted a resolution in which the EWA recommends the protection of immigrant womens’ basic rights; the participation of immigrant women in social and political life; an the gradual introduction of a common European integration policy which ties in with the Tampere and The Hague programmes and addresses the ‘gender dimension’ The Congress was visited by more than 150 women. 

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