EPP Women Congress / general board meeting

12 Oktober 2007 at 00:00
Athens, Greece

On 12 October 2007 the EPP Women Congress took part. The issue was 'Adult learning: new opportunities for women'. Invited for the Congress were women that are member of the women's organisations of the EPP Member Parties. 

The Congress was attended by nearly 200 women from our political family from all over Europe. President Doris PACK, MEP, welcomed women from Scandinavia to Spain, from Latvia to Bulgaria and Greece. Also women from Balkan countries attended the congress, amongst others from the Democratic League of Kosovo. The participants widely made use of the opportunity to discuss women's issues and share experiences in politics with related women. Looking backwards, we can say we had a fruitfull congress dedicated to an issue in wich women directly are involved. The participants contributed to formulating an EPPW Resolution on the issue of Adult Learning: new opportunities for women. 

On the invitation of Katerina PAPAKOSTA, Vice-President of the EPPW, Chairwoman of the Women of Nea Demokratia and MP of Greece, the participants visited the Greek Parliament on Saturday 13 October. Too, a visit to the Akropolis and the old Plaka district of Athens was scheduled. The value of this visit was that we, as women, once again rediscovered the democratic roots of our modern European political system of democratic representation. This, off course, is a stimulus for the future work of our association of EPP Women! 

Resolution "Adult learning: new opportunities for women" 


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