Autumn Academy

29 September 2017 - 01 Oktober 2017
Nice, France


An exploration into the current European legitimacy crisis

In several European countries as well as in the EU, the legitimacy of our democratic political systems are focus of heated debate. The EU has become a target of national referenda and election campaigns and political polarization by (mainly right-wing) populist parties. In 2016 the referendum on Brexit was an illustration of this, as well as the presidential elections in Austria, the establishment of AfD in Germany, and the electoral success of Marine Le Pen in France. Moreover, the authoritarian type of governments in Poland and Hungary are considered as the result of elections that were won by nationalist, non-democratic oriented political parties, among which too parties of our EPP political family.  As such, the current legitimacy crisis is a highly relevant issue to be discussed by EPP Women. In addition we can add our experience with women in politics to explore the question of the role of women in this crisis: what is their voting behavior? What do they think about democracy? And what about women as political actors in the new political formations that are interpreting in a different manner than we use to do?

Literature: ‘The resistable Rise of Populism in Europe”, special issue of European View, Vol. 15/2, December 2016, WMCES; online published by open access at


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